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WHO WE ARE- Born in 2019, we are Team Albatross. we'll guide you to transform your dreams into Brands. We are a group of heart and soul people with a strong idea and inspiration. Our commitment is to rework your journey of dream into reality. whether you would like to be a F&B entrepreneur otherwise you desire to urge to get your own franchise of a precisely built brand by project Albatross. We are here to power treasure your F&B game. We are Pune based company and F&B consultant company, having an additional ordinary vision to place something in F&B industry, beyond simple imagination. We utilize this scope of Pandemic and here we are today- successful, strong and stable. you can call us difference maker. Because we created what’s never created. We are branched into multiple cuisine and themes you never seen before. Difference starts from us – project albatross. WHAT WE ARE- We are what you are trying to find, an ideal match of passion and persistence. our Professionalism is our perfection, we believe in bringing into play, the opportunities and creating Masterpieces in the f & b industry we are known for our creativity, staring from designing brand identities, strong foundation of operation, menu engineering & designing, SOP’s and overall management system all rolled into one. our capabilities focus from marketing strategy & advertisement, vendor management, man power assistant, kitchen operation, lastly but not the least legal compliances and tech support. WHY WE ARE- We at project Albatross, successfully made a segment in F&B industry. We are here to sketch your dreams into reality. Whether you're willing to be food entrepreneur or already food enthusiastic. we are turn key solution for your dream scale in F&B brands. Also, you can get attractive and effective F&B franchise opportunity from project Albatross. starting from cloud kitchen, dine- in, Bar or any format. we are enthusiastic to style your dream format into light. We are on a mission to require our precisely made F&B brands into global platform. Starting from marketing strategy &advertisement, vendor management, man power assistant, kitchen operation, lastly but not the smallest amount legal compliances and tech support. Team project albatross is given the proper tools to chart an in-depth roadmap for your business to means into a brand. We believe in assisting you to create your dream brands or acquire franchise of our inhouse brands. Give your hands to your trusted Project Albatross. And Experience Magic. A solution that fits in your ideas and dreams. An entire mentor in your business, count it as to get a new brand creation or our in-house franchising brands. We are dimension to design any of your dream format into existence. We already brought different in our house Resto- Café brands ranging from cloud kitchens to large dine-in restaurants, creating jaw-dropping content and designs. Our wings are born to fly, and that we want to offer you an opportunity to fly with us. Bringing difference with 360 degrees solution – Project Albatross.