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Our creation is an ideal match for your F&B dream brand, We create market analysis and competitive analysis for strategic business promotion. Including our content creation caters to public relations, social media marketing, SEO, Google Adverts, PPC marketing, e-mail marketing, website design and OOH advertising among others. Our creation is all about bringing your dream ideas into existing. Our creation of F&B brands will never fade away because we are people of strong marketing knowledge with a combination of Experience.


Project albatross is equipped to manage the best franchise opportunity in F&B industry, which will make you learn and offer you impressive return. Willing to build your own franchise or get our own in-house franchise. We at project albatross will bring all possibility in your F&B business to shine like a diamond. We manage the operations, vendors, manpower and finances, so you aren’t burdened with business responsibilities. With timely advice, the right investor and legal support, our team is here to help seamlessly expand your franchise into Global Platform.


No matter, what kind of F&B business you are into whether it is big or small. All business needs a mentor or an adviser or a friend. Here at Team Albatross, we figure it out for you with a state of our transformation solution. We will bridge the gap with every possibilities. Ranging from Identity design, legal compliance, logo and services, food design, menu design, operation & SOP, location, website and Theme design if we overlook anything, name it we will figure it out for you.

Your ambition and transformation begin with Project Albatross. #flywithalbatross.


Project Albatross endorses a consultancy ecosystem that plays an important role in translating dreams into brands. Our expertise in various crucial aspects of business creation and franchising, paired with publicity & promotions will help unlock your business’s full potential. Our consultancy is all about understanding your idea. And sharing our best expertise knowledge, about your upcoming F&B business, which you were fantasizing about. Come and talk with us about your plan’s and we will be your companion throughout your journey of F&B business.

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